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There are three of us in the family, Survivor, age 7, Chow Collie Mix; Bella, age 7?, Wire Hair Fox Terrier; and mommy. Bella and I have some issues getting along, but mom is trying to work on that! We love life and the downstairs closet cuz that's where mom keeps a stash of new toys.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Woof--Woof (Hello)

Woof. My name is Survivor and I am 7 years old. You might think I am old cuz my hair is white, but I alway have had white hair. Although, if I hadn't I would by now cuz of that crazy sister. I heard mom talking about this site, so while she was away I decided this was a good thing to do...hope she doesn't find out I am so SMART. Hopefully she will figure out how to download pictures from her cellphone and that I am around so I can learn too. If this happens, you'll know cuz boy will I post those crazy pictures of Bella. Revenge is sweet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Survivor! I have heard lots of Bella stories from your mom. What a great name for your blog!! Looking forward to more stories...and photos!!! Pat

Devon the Great said...

Hi Survivor and Bella!!
Nice to meetcha. I too have a crazy sister, her name's Desaray. She's always looking for a way to ex-cape from our house. I don't know why, it GREEEAAATT livin here. One time, when I was REALLY little, Desaray pulled this big heavy thing out of the window and her and Baby (my other sister) jumpt out the window and ran off without me. Me and Monty (my brother) were too small to jump out the window, so we stayed put. It was ok with me cause I didn't know what was out there, and i prolly would have been scared. Me and Monty stayed and played with all our toys and stuff. Desaray was pretty smelly when she got home and mom had to give her a bath. I luv the bath thing, but Desaray duz not. Anyway, I wanted to say hi. Look for my pitcher soon, mom says she's pretty close to figgurin out how to put up pitchers. Once she shows me how to do it, you'll see plenty. Talk to youse soon. Luv Devon

Devon the Great said...

Oh, and those cute little doggies in the window that you mom saw was my sisters, Baby and Desaray. They are silly sometimes/

MJ's doghouse said...

hi there Survivor and bella
i dont have a crazy sister...well cept for my cat...but she is crabby...not crazy..i have two is a foster baby and one we i am very busy..please come and read my blog...and i will surely keep reading yours

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