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There are three of us in the family, Survivor, age 7, Chow Collie Mix; Bella, age 7?, Wire Hair Fox Terrier; and mommy. Bella and I have some issues getting along, but mom is trying to work on that! We love life and the downstairs closet cuz that's where mom keeps a stash of new toys.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boy oh Boy. Ican't believe how famous I am for being the 600th member. Sure wish mom could know about this.

As to being by the fridge, sure wish mom would put a pull rope on would be grand. My other mother (friend of my mom's) use to open the fridge door and put a hot dog on the shelf. Woo Wee did mom NOT like that idea cuz I was always pushing her out of the way to see if there was anything in there for me. Which there always is, but I never get it. Hmmmmmmm, really need to work on getting that door open. Open to suggesstions here, so let 'em fly.

Bella is outside and mom is reading some big book, looks like a school book. She says in the next few weeks she'll be back to school and needs to get her lectures done. Don't know what that means other than she won't be here a lot.

Now for Bella. She is doing ok, I guess. I really don't talk to her. SHE IS VERY PUSHY. However, I have decided that I want to be in the house more so I am doing all the bad things she does (jumping on the door, barking at the house) so that mom will get annoyed and bring me inside with her. Mom's not to happy cuz the door is getting scratched up, but hey, I am getting what I want.

Ok, going to go distract mom and maybe she will take me out soon to play in the yard. I sure hope so.

Survivor, aka Vivor Boy


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me, your cousin Sam!!!! Boy Survivor you sure are one smart doggie, not as smart as me though. I know just how crazy your sister can be, I've experienced her rath first hand!!!!
Can't believe you have this much free time for blogging, I'd rather be sitting around outside getting my ears scratched from Grandpa. So, have you seen Connar or Ryan lately????

TAPhillips said...

welcome to DWB! We've had a blog for a whole year now... and can't believe the dogfriends we've made all across the world. Come give us a sniff at when you get a chance... our dogmom grew up in Ohio... but near Toledo and not northeast.
Wuf Ya! - Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

The Airechicks said...


Maybe Mom could be a towel on the frig towel and you can pull it open and check for yourself.....

OOHHH is your Mom a teacher....
She has all summer off to spend with you gals...Must be nice...

Lorenza said...

Hi, Survivor
Did you get what you wanted?? I hope so.
I do the same thing when my mom opens the fridge door. I want to be the first to know whats inside!
Have a good night

Randi said...

Hi Survivor & Bella - you two need to straighten out your differences & learn to put your puppy heads together to get what you want & rule your house! Come, on - can't we just all get along?
If you can, I fully understand!
Love & Licks,
PS...the hot doggie in the fridge sounds grand!

ToFFee said...

Hi Bella and Survivor!

Welcome to the DWB woild! Hope to be your furrend!

for me once they open the fridge I go and lick all those cold dews from the bottles!


Joe Stains said...

omdog Tanner came from the very same pound as bella! he is all the way out here in Arizona with me! Tanner is allowed to post on Tuesdays so check him out!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Survivor, Im Benjamin and Im a collie mixed too. Your mom name you survivor because you have to survive with that Bella gal huh?? I have a sis but she is a cat, annoying cat. So I know how you feel with your sis.

Stanley said...

Hey, Vivor Boy!!

Tanner Stains told me about you and Bella so I'm stopping by to introduce myself to you, buddy! (I already introduced myself to Bella).

Man, I'm the only dog around here so I don't know what it's like to have a bossy, controlling sister around. I may need your advice someday because I've heard rumblings about my hooman girl eventually adopting "a bossy pupgirl who can keep Stanley in line." We shall see about that...

Stop by & say hey sometime.

Your Goober bud,

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